“Kneeling Angel” Will Symbolize Award-Winning Liturgical Music Composition by Gokelman and Kauffman

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
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“Kneeling Angel” Will Symbolize Award-Winning Liturgical Music Composition by Gokelman and Kauffman

Famed Artist’s Work Has Graced The Walls of The Vatican and Beyond

SAN ANTONIO – Good For The Soul Music commissioned G.E. Mullan, internationally acclaimed for his sacred art, to create a unique and instantly recognizable symbol for “Mass of Renewal,” a new liturgical composition by William Gokelman and David Kauffman.

The beautiful artwork titled “Adoramus Te” – Latin for “We Adore Thee” – is an image of a kneeling angel in deep reverence to God. Its rich, multi-colored hues and intricate combination of geometric shapes and fluid lines resemble a pane of stained glass that would be equally at home in a 16th century Catholic church or a modern-day house of worship.

Already described by many as simply “The Kneeling Angel,” the exclusive artwork will grace the covers of the “Mass of Renewal” songbooks and related materials. It will also serve as the website logo and marketing icon. The materials, emblazoned with this stunning image, are in the process of being rolled out publicly as the new music is presented to Catholic congregations across the country.

“G.E. Mullan‟s work is breathtakingly beautiful, deeply spiritual and celebrated around the world. We are both thrilled and blessed to make „Adoramus Te‟ part of our new musical setting for the Catholic Mass,” says David Kauffman, founder of Good For The Soul Music.

Kauffman partnered with William Gokelman to create “Mass of Renewal,” which won the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) competition for a new Mass setting earlier this year.

“Mass of Renewal” will soon be published and available through San Antonio-based Good For The Soul Music. Audio, video and print samples are available at


G.E. Mullan – artist, theologian, philosopher and teacher -- lives and works in San Antonio, but his artwork is known, loved and collected around the world.
Although his passion for drawing and painting date to his childhood, he didn‟t become a full-time artist until 1980 when he left the teaching profession to focus on his art.

Academia‟s loss was the art world‟s gain – and, ultimately, the faith community‟s pride and joy.

During his remarkable 30-year career, Mullan has created literally thousands of artworks. His celebrated paintings depicting both native peoples‟ sacred culture and contemporary Christian imagery have been reproduced as limited edition prints, posters and note cards. His work also has been published in books, journals and magazines; commissioned by religious organizations and private collectors; displayed and sold in galleries here and abroad; and included in public and private collections around the world.

In 2009 he published a book with theologian and storyteller John Shea titled, “Canticle: Biblical Songs Illuminated.” The book features 20 all-new contemporary images illustrating ancient Christian hymns. The artworks are executed in acrylic paints on archival rag board in two-dimensional perspective and rich colors that are reminiscent of medieval paintings. The book has enjoyed critical praise and

Mullan is tremendously successful by any measure. Yet as he marks his third decade as an artist, he remains very modest and self-effacing about his work and the impact it has had on people from all walks of life.

“I love to create images that have religious, philosophical and historical meaning and that nourish the soul. I am fortunate and grateful that others enjoy my work,” he says.

Even his home downplays his fame as one of the most important Catholic artists of his time. He and his wife, Celina, who manages the publishing of his art, reside in San Antonio, where they designed a simple and comfortable home reminiscent of a Spanish hacienda. Visitors encounter a cozy and tasteful décor – and are surprised by how few of Mullan‟s works are displayed. Instead, there are many souvenirs of world travels, including carvings and other symbols of both pagan and Christian faiths, and many books. Only two or three of the artist‟s early works hang by the fireplace. Mullan keeps his studio upstairs, out of sight, where he can work in a calm and peaceful environment.

Tall and slender, with graying hair, a neatly trimmed moustache, large rimless glasses, and a quiet demeanor, Mullan seems more professorial than artistic. His voice is measured, deep and soothing and an interviewer must gently prod him to talk about himself.

He is unlike many contemporary artists who seem to seek publicity and project larger-than-life personas. Instead, this world-renowned master is genuinely humble and lets his artwork speak for itself. He is a breath of fresh air in the often very competitive Christian art world.
Mullan‟s life and career reveal a man with a highly inquisitive, exacting mind – and a deep Christian faith.
Born in Tyler, Texas, he grew up in Waco and Temple and attended St. Mary‟s University in San Antonio, where he graduated in 1965, having earned a bachelor‟s degree in history, with minors in philosophy and theology.

After graduation, he lived and studied at St. Meinrad‟s Archabbey, a Benedictine monastery located in Spencer County, Indiana. The contemplative, prayer-filled life of the monks further shaped Mullan‟s faith and contributed to the future development of his religious artwork. Eventually he returned to St. Mary‟s to pursue graduate studies.

From 1967-70 he taught at Providence High School in San Antonio. He taught undergraduate and graduate theology at St. Mary‟s University from 1970-1974. He taught art from 1974-1980.

He dove headfirst into a full-time art career in 1980 and quickly began winning critical acclaim and commercial success for his contemporary and meticulously rendered works. As his fame grew, so did his commissions.

His earliest works gained wide recognition for their depictions of native peoples and their myths, symbols and cultural artifacts. These images –exactingly hand-drawn and colored in a unique, precise and yet fluid geometric style – gradually won him universal appeal.
During this first phase of his career, he also included Christian themes in his gallery shows. Over time, this Christian influence became increasingly dominant in his work. Mullan now devotes his talent and energy almost exclusively to commissioned paintings featuring religious subjects.

In 1987, then-Archbishop Patrick Flores of San Antonio asked him to create a special gift for Pope John Paul II, who was slated to visit San Antonio that year during a nine-city tour of the United States. The resulting creation – a contemporary image of St. Anthony, San Antonio‟s patron saint – was presented to the pontiff. Mullan also painted five additional images that were offered as limited edition prints for ranking members of the Pope‟s entourage and San Antonio religious and civic officials.

He continues to draw inspiration from his ongoing studies and research in the fields of history, philosophy, theology, early Christian manuscripts and sacred art spanning the entire Christian era. He also conducts frequent pilgrimages with his wife to the Holy Land, Spain, Italy and Ireland. These travels continually feed his soul and hone his artistic vision.

Mullan has received numerous professional honors. He was selected to represent the Archdiocese of San Antonio at the Jubilee for Artists as part of the Vatican 2000 Jubilee celebration. He also received a “Mother Teresa Award” in 2006. The award recognizes the achievements of those who beautify the world, especially in the fields of religion, social justice and the arts.

In addition to his art and pilgrimages, Mullan still maintains close ties to the world of teaching, presenting special classes and lectures on scripture and for converts to Catholicism.

For more information on G.E. Mullan and his inspirational artwork, visit his official website at

For more information on the new “Mass of Renewal” and Good For The Soul Music, call 1-800-759-5805 or visit and

Gokelman and Kauffman Collaborate on Award-Winning New Catholic Mass

Friday, November 19, 2010

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Choral Readings Slated Around the Country

SAN ANTONIO – William Gokelman and David Kauffman’s stunning new musical composition, “Mass of Renewal” ( – created for the new Catholic Mass that will debut in late 2011 – is a sterling example of the old saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Both established and acclaimed in their individual musical careers, the duo’s newest collaboration recently won first place in the New Mass setting competition sponsored by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM,

The honor has catapulted the two men and their composition into the national spotlight just as the Catholic Church begins to incorporate new English translations of the liturgical text, the first such updates since Vatican II. The new Mass debuts in all English-speaking churches around the world beginning Advent 2011.

Gokelman is the nationally celebrated, award-winning chairman of the music department at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio and Kauffman is an internationally recognized Christian singer, songwriter, recording artist and founder of San Antonio-based Good For The Soul Music, an inspirational record company and print publisher.

The two friends have long admired each other’s work and have collaborated on various projects since 1998, including “Moses And The Burning Within,” a musical theater production completed in 2009 that has been produced throughout the United States and Canada.

“Mass of Renewal” is a substantial work, comprising ten individual musical segments of the Catholic Mass that may be sung with various combinations of instruments, including guitar, piano, organ, brass and even a full orchestra. It reflects the composers’ exceptional musical skill as well as their mutual respect, musical compatibility, and similar approach to Christian ministry through the power of song.

The new Mass setting is a seamless marriage of the unique gifts of Kauffman and Gokelman. Together, they have created an outstanding work of liturgical art that is being hailed and applauded coast to coast.

“We strived to write music that supports and uplifts the prayer,” Gokelman says of the new composition. “We hope our work will help people to pray both in community and individually.”

Kauffman agrees. “Our first goal is one of service,” he says. “What we’re hearing from choir directors so far is that the music we wrote helps them enter into a space of prayer. We couldn’t hope for more.”

Energized by the NPM award and an overwhelming response from music directors around the country, Gokelman and Kauffman – through Good For The Soul Music – have created a solid business plan and launched a grassroots outreach program to bring the Mass of Renewal to the church.

“The Church’s upcoming transition to the 3rd Roman Missal is the biggest change in the liturgy since Vatican II. And we are excited to introduce this new music to diocesan and parish leadership throughout the English-speaking world who are preparing for the changes right now,” Gokelman says.

Kauffman adds that Spanish lyrics also have been commissioned for the new musical composition, which will further increase the potential for U.S. and international reach.

Under the direction of Tom Gallo, who runs the business side of Good For The Soul Music™, “Mass of Renewal” is being aggressively and creatively marketed through traditional means – such as advertising and public relations – as well as “virally,” via social networking like You Tube, Facebook and other Internet outreach that will create “buzz” and “buy-in” for the music on multiple levels.

“This new musical liturgy cannot achieve its ultimate goal of helping Catholic congregations to participate more fully in Mass if they don’t know about it,” Gallo says. “So many beautiful works of musical ministry have never been heard or realized their potential because they haven’t been marketed properly. We are determined to get Bill and David’s music in the hands of Catholics everywhere and the only way to do that is to employ 21st century marketing techniques while at the same time never losing sight of our goal, which is to celebrate the Mass – the ultimate prayer – in spirit-filled song.”

For more information on the new “Mass of Renewal” and Good For The Soul Music, call 1-800-759-5805 or visit and


Gokelman, a self-described “military brat” who lived in many places in the United States and abroad before coming to San Antonio, began his musical journey at age 10 when his parents “babysat” a fellow military friend’s piano and he began sounding out songs on his own. Realizing their son had real talent, they started his piano lessons the following year. From that moment on, Gokelman knew he would pursue a career in music.

Gokelman earned a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance from Incarnate Word College (now the University of the Incarnate Word), where he won the Amy Freeman Lee Award for the Arts and Humanities. He also holds a Master of Music degree in vocal coaching and accompanying from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, where he was awarded the Alfred E. Merron Award for Accompanying.

From 1988-1992, he was the principle accompanist and assistant director of New Jersey’s Pro Arte Chorale, which performs major works regularly with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. During this time he also performed for Pope John Paul II while touring in Italy.

While enjoying life with his wife Lena and immersed in a successful performance and choral conducting career in New York and New Jersey, there was still a tug at his heart - he yearned to be in the classroom and teach. So when he received a call that a position was open at Incarnate Word College, the Alma Mater he knew and loved, he threw his hat in the ring, and got the job.

He is now a professor of music and the chair of the music department at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, where he directs the Cardinal Chorale and Madrigal Choir, and teaches piano, vocal coaching, conducting and music appreciation.

For eight years, Gokelman was a keyboard artist with the San Antonio Symphony, and often performed chamber music concerts with members of the orchestra.

In 2004, he signed as a recording artist/composer with Good For The Soul Music and released “Steal Away,” his first CD of original instrumental music for piano with orchestra and various other instruments.

He has presented many regional and national workshops in the areas of liturgical music, especially for cantors, pianists, and music directors.

He recently completed seven years on staff at San Antonio’s St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church, where he directed the Chancel Choir and served as a cantor and pianist/organist.

In 2006, Gokelman became the second recipient of the UIW Presidential Teaching Award. William is a member of BMI, NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), National Association of Pastoral Musicians, American Choral Director’s Association, Texas Choral Director’s Association, and Texas Music Educator’s Association.


Growing up a devout Catholic in St. Louis and always drawn to liturgical music, Kauffman has spent more than two decades on what he calls a “faith journey” that has grown from a personal pursuit to a full-blown mission to create music that touches hearts, feeds souls and influences lives.

But it wasn’t always this way. Even though he was active in church and contributed his musical ability to the liturgy throughout his youth, he began his adult life as many others do: attending college, earning a “practical” degree, getting married and entering the business world.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance from St. Mary’s University in 1982, Kauffman launched a business career in banking and real estate. He was good at it. Very good. But he felt that something was missing – and that something was his music.

In 1987, he followed his heart and plunged headfirst into a Christian music career. He wrote songs. He performed at churches. He led youth rallies. He gave sold-out concerts. He appeared on Catholic TV programs. He even landed a national recording contract, got substantial radio airplay in many American markets, and went on tour, crisscrossing the country and performing overseas. One of the high points in his career was a performance for Pope John Paul II and more than one million Catholic youth from around the world during World Youth Day in 1997 in Paris, France.

Along the way, Kauffman garnered thousands of devoted fans from all walks of life who were profoundly touched and influenced by his original, spirit-filled and inspiring music.

But again, something seemed to be missing. Chasing after an elusive dream of “stardom” within the Christian popular music industry, he came to realize that he didn’t fit the industry’s pre-conceived notion of what it meant to be a “star.” In other words, he didn’t fit the mold. He became frustrated, disappointed and even disillusioned. It became clear that he had to choose a different path for his ministry but he wasn’t sure what that should be.

Finally, he took time off from touring to start a family with his wife Missy and to ponder what his life’s purpose should and could be. And he prayed for guidance.

All the while, he never stopped writing music and performing in his own backyard of San Antonio. But the songs and performances had a new purity of purpose: to both minister to others and to seek, define and follow a new direction that would more fully realize Kauffman’s calling.

Through careful reflection and by seeking input from friends, family and his wife Missy, he at last came to the conclusion that he should start his own business and that it should have one clearly defined mission: to write music that would be a companion on the journey and help people experience God’s embrace in every day life.

Thus was born Good For The Soul Music™ a San Antonio-based musical content creator/publisher with a state of the art recording studio and an ever- growing inventory of top-flight inspirational music products with worldwide distribution.

Through hard work and determination, the business has become highly successful, producing multiple CDs by Kauffman, Gokelman and other Christian artists, music books, choral octavos, sheet music and a full-blown musical, “Moses and The Burning Within,” which has been staged throughout the U.S. and Canada and is currently being shopped among producers in New York, Los Angeles and other major theater communities.

The latest offering, “Mass of Renewal” – soon to include a Spanish version – has potential to become Good For The Soul’s most widely recognized work as it makes its way into the hearts of Catholic congregations everywhere.

NPM Awards Gokelman & Kauffman First Place

Friday, July 16, 2010
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